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Bigg Boss 11 : Hina Khan Fights… Again and Captaincy Task Twist

Why is Hina Khan upset with Bigg Boss ?

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Bigg Boss 11 begins with Hina Khan, Benafsha and Hiten Tejwani spending the night in Bigg Boss jail. Sitting in the jail, they feel they are being made the scapegoat for everything that happens in Bigg Boss house.  Hina Khan says that Vikas Gupta is the real player in Bigg Boss 11. She says that despite instigating everyone, he slips quietly into baba mode and all the blame comes onto them.


While they are discussing about Vikas Gupta, we see Luv Tyagi being targeted inside by Arshi Khan.   In trying to put up a Salman Khan act, Tyagi has never been able to confront anyone in the Bigg Boss house. He looks lost even when Puneesh asks him his opinion about the game.


Later on Bigg Boss announces an interesting captaincy task, “Egg task”. In this task, all contestants are given their eggs. Whoever they desire to have as their next captain they can give their egg for that person. Akash Dadlani, Bandagi and Sabyasachi were the captaincy contenders.


Hina khan’s Plans Flop In Bigg Boss 11 Due To Mastermind Shilpa Shinde!


Shilpa Shinde once again plays a smart game and turns the table in her favour by convincing everyone to vote for Sabyasachi. Akash is upset by this decision as he never gets to become the captain of Bigg Boss 11.


Shilpa Shinde turns the game very smartly by convincing everyone including Bandagi who is desperate to become the captain. Hina Khan on the other side is also seen planning with her team to vote for Sabyasachi.


Hina Khan’s plan flops as Team Shilpa vote for Sabyasachi. By doing so, they not only now have the captain of the house on their side. They can count on one extra vote in coming weeks.


After becoming the captain of the house, Sabyasachi is given the power to release one of the three prisoners from jail. He decides to release Hiten Tejwani. He reasons that Hiten was the least deserving among them to be there in first place.


This angers Hina Khan greatly as she is now pissed even with Bigg Boss. She says this is unfair Bigg Boss. Finally when Benafsha makes a request, Bigg Boss lets them go. Out of jail Arshi Khan and Hina Khan get back to regular duty.

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