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Hina Khan Frustrate Salman Khan In Bigg Boss 11

How did things go pear shape for Hina Khan

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Its been a bad week for Hina Khan. Things could not have been have got much worse than Salman Khan agreeing with Arshi khan. Thats right, Salman Khan agreed with Arshi Khan that Hina Khan indeed is the instigator in Bigg Boss 11. It was a brutal criticism from the host for Hina.


Denial is the first indication of guilt. Hina Khan often says “Maine nahi Kiya (I didn’t do this)”.  Even when Salman quoted Hina Khan that Benafsha is also at fault so lets go at Akash’s other issues. Hina Khan thinks it is the wording where she faltered. Despite Salman Khan spelling her mistake clearly she feels it is just a word.

In the adbreak she is seen upset and mumbling that its just the word. Hiten Tejwani tries to reason it with her. he basically says to understand where you went wrong and rectify it. Later towards the end of the episode she is again fighting with Akash dadlani.


Reason? She says, ” Didnt I tell you Good Night, last night?”


Hina Khan believes that if she responds to Akash’s Good Night message she has done the world a favour. It is wierd  in which her mind functions.  Akash is no angel but they dragged an issue to project him as a villain. Least she can do is to leave the topic.


Things got off on a rough start for Team Hina Khan when Priyank was put in the dock.  Almost everyone blamed him as the villain of the house. It is his behaviour with Bandagi that drew attention of Salman Khan. Bandagi accused Priyank of bringing up the topic of his ex boyfriend, Sameer.


Now all of this appears benign on the surface but Bandagi sais that despite her continuous requests of not to bring up that topic he did not listen. Priyank on his part said that it was just a joke. However Bandagi had a very shocking story about her ex-boyfriend to share on Weekend Ka Vaar.


She said that she left her ex-boyfriend because he was ready to share her with others. ”  Salman Khan did remind everyone that it’s not in his control how housemates speak. He also told Punish and Bandagi to be careful about their intimate moments if they are concerned about their image.


This week during a task Punish left his duty as a sanchalak to sleep with Bandagi. Going by the gossip in Bigg Boss both of them have have sex.

Punish often gets very aggressive in the fights and today again he got agressive despite Salman Khan hosting the segment. He said allow a man to man of Priyank and meyself. It is not strange to see people angry in Bigg Boss but it is certianly wierd when they dont even allow the host to speak. At one point Salman Khan was so fed up of their rant that he just stopped talking and asked them to coninue with their own discussions.


Mastermind of Bigg Boss 11, Vikas Gupta keeps proving his mettle everytime. Today when Salman Khan asked who is responsible for losing the rocket task? Surprise, Surprise, he takes his own name. Throughout the week he blames Hina Khan but come Weekend Ka Vaar, its him. Wow. Great strategy. He said he should have convinced the others to stay longer in the rocket.


Kapil Sharma enetered the Bigg Boss house. Ending his bitter fight with colours for his movie Firangi, he brought the house down with laughs. Salman Khan said there will be a double elimination tomorrow. Who do you think will eliminate from bigg Boss 11? Let us know in comments section.





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