Bigg Boss 11 : What happened after Double Eviction Will Shock You

bigg boss 11


Bigg Boss 11 had its first double eviction and that was least shocking. For a Bigg Boss viewer what happened next was more surprising. After the surprise double eviction we  housemates in a reflective mood. For once it looked like everyone stopped pinpointing eachothers mistake and wanted to be together.


Priyank and Arshi Khan who were fighting this week for the silliest reasons gave a hug and forgot about their differences. It is always nice to see when contestants are ready to accept their mistakes and move on. Arshi Khan and Priyank both decided to give their friendhip a fresh start.


For Team Shilpa this eviction was a poor result with both Mehjabeen(Anaconda) and Sabyasachi having to leave the house. With these two votes gone we can get to see greater power struggle in the Bigg Boss house.  This elimination was not surprising. it was necessary to remove two balance power equation between both the teams.


Shilpa Shinde was seen heartbroken and went under the dining table of the Bigg Boss house after the elimination. Vikas Gupta who has been her arch rival for all this time was seen consoling her. He encouraged her by telling her she indeed is the strongest person in the house. He told Shilpa Shinde to remain as she is and not be swayed by what others in the house think.


Vidya balan enetered the Bigg Boss house this time and hosted radio show with Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. They asked the questions which the contestants had written for each other. Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde kept going at each other. Hina was asked if she is this strategic in her real life as well? She said that she is 100% as she is in her real life.


Sapna’s performance has to be the highlight of tonight’s Bigg Boss 11.  She felt the pinch of her question. It asked her that why does she speak on thursday , just before Salman Khan’s episode. The naagin (snake) song played and it looked like there was a real snake near her. She danced for her life.



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