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Bigg Boss 11 : Priyank Sharma Goes Bald & Vikas Gupta Loses His Cool

priyank sharma

Girls we feel your pain but dont worry Priyank Sharma still looks hot. Priyank Sharma, the highly popular Bigg Boss 11 contestant went bald during nomination twist.

Contestants can save themselves if the housemates accept the challenge that Bigg Boss throw at them. For instance when Hina Khan picked up the phone she was told by Bigg Boss that she will be saved if Luv Tyagi is ready to write “ZERO” on his forehead. Luv accepted the dare and ZERO was written on his forehead with hina, the irony.

Similarly for Hiten Tejwani, Bigg Boss said, he will be saved if Priyank Sharma agrees to shave his head. Eeeks. Priyank Gupta immediately accepted it and shaved his head. Hina Khan shaved his head and everyone except mummy (Shilpa Shinde) and Arshi Khan.  Shilpa Shinde kept on saying that Priyank is doing this just to look nice. Even if we believe her word for it, it’s difficult to not appreciate Priyank Gupta dor his task.


You would expect benafsha to lose her cool at Priyank Sharma shaving his head. Well, she is at most times upset. Surprisingly she looked calm. Maybe it was calm before the sttorm but it was Vikas Gupta who erupted. he could not see priyank losing his hair. He said shaving the hair is fine but for Hiten tejwani? If it was Benafsha it makes sense.


He said that Priyank isnt listening to him anymore and is not doing the right thing. We dont know if what Priyank did was so bad. Maybe it is good for him. For the first time, Priyank Sharma is not fighting or abusing but doing a good thing. Priyank Sharma did a selfless act. Could this have upset Vikas Gupta? What do you think ?


Earlier in the episode Akash dadlani is seen suspecting the game of Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. He says he has serious doubts on these two. He tells them that you both are playing everone in Bigg Boss 11. First you fight then you easily start friendship drama.


Shilpa Shinde tries to make peace with Akash but he refuses to understand. He refuses to accept her as her mummy. It is wierd but then thats Bigg Boss 11. Towards the end of the episode Akash says what he did was all his act to fool Team Hina. He says he is just fooling around for fun.






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