Childrens Day : 5 Movies You Need To Watch

children's day


You are waiting eagerly for Tiger Zinda hai and Padmavati but this Children’s day lets us watch those rare gems we missed. . Bollywood tries to come with many children’s film every year. Only a handful standout.   Let us look at some rare movies.


Irfan Khan’s Goal

I had never heard of this movie before until recently came caross this little gem on tatasky. This movie is a perfect gift for your kids on Children’s day. Set in Kolkata it is about a poor boy who loves football. His struggle in his school due to his econmic stsatus has been shown very well by the director. Irrfan Khan once again excels in this role. We wont give away much of the story but this is a film you must watch.



Poorna is a 2017 biopic of an unbelievable girl. It is a hair raising story about a girl who achieves feats that you and I wont even dream. The film features Rahul bose who is also the producer of the film. This film should be in your must watch list. poorna is currently being screened at 20th International Childrens Film festival in India. This film is appropriate for all age groups.

IMDB synopsis – An Adivasi 13-year-old from Telangana becomes the youngest girl in history to climb Mount Everest.

Children’s day Movies With Message And Entertainment!


Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar

Going by the collections of Secret Superstar it looks like not many people have ssen this gem. Dangal’s little Geeta stars in this one. Zaira Wasim plays the role of Insia who is fighting with life. You will relate with her and her mothers struggle. The movie also features Aamir Khan in a guest appearance which will meake you laugh. A lovely film keeping up with the modern theme. It gives a wonderful message.


Karate Kid


Childrens day is all about fun and entertainment right? How can we miss Karate Kid from a list of Childrens films. Miyagi and his student teach us lot about life. It is one of the most enjoyable movies. Karate Kid may not have made millions at the Box Office unlike the Jackie Chan movie but it will make you laugh and cry.



The iconic Masoom is a classic from Bollywood when it comes to childrens movies. Shekhar kapur got the direction spot on with all the actors. The innocence with which Jugal hansraj and Urmila mantodkar played their roles made this film into such a big hit. Tension in the family could not have been shown better than Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi.


Happy Children’s Day to you! What are your favourite films? Let us know which films you like.


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