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Vikas Gupta Too Smart For Luv Tyagi – Find out why ?

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Vikas Gupta once again turned the table in Bigg Boss 11 during  a task and showed why he is the smartest brain this season. During the Dino Park task, a new task for captaincy. Punish, Luv Tyagi and Vikas Gupta tuned into dinosaurs.


All the contestants pictures were setup in the garden area. The last picture two pictures remaining will be eligible for captaincy.  The three dinosaurs were asked to enter the Dino park at the sound of an alarm. Vikas Gupta asked Punish and Luv Tyagi whom they want to save.  Not surprisingly, Luv named his best friend, Hina Khan while Punish took the name of Bandagi. Gupta who sacrificed his jacket for Shilpa Shinde wanted to save Arshi Khan.


All three dinosaurs agreed to the pact. However whne the alarm went off Luv Tyagi forced his way to the garden aread and broke Shilpa Shinde’s picture. He again enetered the area for the second time as well with Punish stopping Vikas Gupta. This time, Luv Tyagi broke Arshi Khan’s picture which wasnt agreed by the trio.


Vikas Gupta Proves He Is Too Smart For Mr.Muscles!


Bigg Boss has never been this just. Bigg Boss decided to do away with the dino costume when Luv dino costume tore due to pushing.Matermind  Vikas  turned the game around without Luv or Punish even realizing.


Vikas Gupta held series of discussions with them. he took their opinion on whose picture they want to break. It was merry go round where Luv and punish kept changing their names every second. At first Luv wanted to save Priyank but as Benafsha would then be in danger.


Priyank asked Luv to save Benfasha instead of him. Luv told Vikas  to break Sapna’s picture. He agreed to everything Punish and Luv wanted from him. They gladly allowed him to enter the garden area this time. Hina Khan was the only whe sensed danger.


Vikas Gupta put up an absolute theatre for the television audience. He said he was asked to break Sapna’s picture. In his own words, he said, he doesnt like people who play using someone elses brain. Saying this he broke Hina Khan’s picture.


The Dino Park game turned on its head thanks to one man, Vikas Gupta. Tomorrow promises to be full of scitementand fireworks in Bigg Boss 11. From the promo we see fight between Luv Tyagi and Vikas Gupta.

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