Benafsha Soonawalla Is Eliminated From Bigg Boss 11

benafsha soonawalla

Benafsha Soonawalla is the latest contestant to have been eliminated from the Bigg Boss 11. It was an emotional elimination for Benafsha who was beginning to participate in Bigg Boss 11.  The elimination was between Sapna, Hina Khan and Ben. It looked as if Sapna herself thought she was the one who will have to leave the show, but it was Benafsha’s turn.


Salman Khan also felt bad for Benafsha Soonawalla today. He initially told Sapna that she is the one who is eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Hearing this Sapna got up and asked Salman Khan whether he is joking.

Benafsha meanwhile said that she is happy she is safe, and she wants to stay in Bigg Boss 11. Salman Khan didn’t continue with the joke any further and asked Ben to leave the house as she got the least votes. Ben had grown close to Priyank Sharma in this week.

She had told him that she did not have much time in the show and she didn’t care about perceptions of society. Priyank Sharma started crying after Ben left the house. Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan both said that he was just doing this for the cameras.


Deepika Padukone entered the Bigg Boss house to promote Padmavati. As usual, it was lovely to see Deepika with Salman Khan once again. The two have never shared screen space in a movie.

What do you think about Benafsha Soonawalla elimination? Do you think Ben deserved to go? Let us know in the comments.


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