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How Arshi Khan won the internet in Bigg Boss 11

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Arshi Khan stood up to bullies of the Bigg Boss 11 house Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan and won the internet. The episode had so much action for a while it looked like a scene from Sunny Deol’s movie. Arshi Khan needs to be given credit for taking all the insults sportingly. She didn’t complain even once despite being told that she “tears her own clothes.”


It is ridiculous to see people questioning a woman’s choice of dressing. Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma had the most bitter remarks for Arshi. From her dressing to her provocative gestures. Somewhere Hina Khan & Co. seem to have lost the idea that they were not fighting a real case. The fictional case by Bigg Boss, however, brought out their ugly faces once again for everyone to see.


Slut Shaming – Arshi Khan is Not Cool!


At one point during the case, Priyank Sharma got so upset that his face turned red with rage. He was furious that Arshi Khan always flirts with him yet gets away. He also questioned how could she talk in the manner that she does.


Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma were playing on Arshi’s patience. They were constantly slut shaming her. It is not right to question a woman because of her dressing. There is no moral authority that Hina Khan has which Arshi doesn’t.


What Goes Around, Comes Around.


Hiten Tejwani was the calmer influence on the group, but he does seem frustrated with the whole romantic angle. During the conclusion of the episode, Arshi Khan started speaking out against Hina and Priyank. He could not bear this. What goes around comes around, eh? Guess Priyank and Hina are not aware of this.


Priyank started blasting at Arshi in Splitsvilla style. Arshi Khan said there use to be cheap jokes going around in their group. We see more drama taking place tomorrow in Bigg Boss. We expect Salman Khan to stand up for the correct issue.


Who do you think is at fault? Arshi, Hina or Priyank? Let us know.

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