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Hina Khan Wins Task But At What Cost?

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Hina Khan was in the dock, literally and she couldn’t handle the heat. She had a meltdown and accepted that she is not able to bear the tension of Bigg Boss 11. The courtroom drama reached fever pitch today with Hina Khan being called as a witness.


The interrogation of Vikas Gupta meant Hina Khan had no place to go. With Arshi Khan firing new questions, Hina was facing the heat. The task became personal yesterday when Hina and Priyank raised some bitter questions about Arshi Khan.


Did Arshi Khan Not Understand The Task?


As usual, lines were blurred between task and game. Hina and Priyank feel what they said during the courtroom was just part of task. While Arshi Khan feels bitter because the allegation was personal. Arshi started going after these two and things became chaotic.


Vikas Gupta put the spotlight on Hina Khan on how she starts a fight. He recollected several incidents like the one with Zubair, Priyank which involves Arshi. He told the court that all the fights had Hina wished would never have taken place. Hina Khan began crying after hearing.


Hina Khan Cant Handle The Heat of Bigg Boss 11!


There was no escaping for her from the extreme pressure Vikas Gupta and Co exerted on Hina today in the court. Her team sadly is indeed #Mandhbuddhi. Luv Tyagi or Priyank neither does a single thing that can benefit her in Bigg Boss 11 when it comes to strategy.


This was a damaging episode for Hina in which Vikas reminded the audience of how conveniently she has shifted her position for the sake of a game. The topic of Hina joking about Arshi Khan lingerie is even more damaging.

Is this the worst Episode For Hina Khan?


For most parts of the episode, she didn’t know what to do . Midway through the episode she fights with Shilpa Shinde over breakfast. Shilpa tells her that she should have come early if she needed the breakfast on time. One hearing this she rushes near the bathroom area and starts crying.


She says, “Who does this for the first meal of the day?” She cries and cries some more. Hiten asks her to go and make breakfast. She cries some more. It was such a bad day for her that actually remains her high point.


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