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Is Sapna Chaoudhary the Most Biased Judge Ever In The History of Bigg Boss ?

sapna choudhary

Sapna Choudhary has clearly forgotten she is playing the role of a judge in Bigg Boss 11. She is so biased towards Hina khan that it has become impossible for Arshi Khan and team to reason it with her. We thought Bandagi would heavily favour the other team as puneesh is part of it but she has been very fair.


Vikas Gupta tried to reason with Sapna Choudhary and tell her that this is a task and not a group game. She is playing gon a different agenda where her sole purpose in life is to please her team members. She picks up fights with Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta randomly.


It was a divorce case between Arshi khan and Hiten Tejwani, but it turned out to be a fight between Judge Sapna Choudhary and Puneesh. There was a lot of tension between both of them this week with classes vs masses comment which Hina Khan has been speaking about.


Whether it is Sapna’s arrogance or drama but her drama has cost Bigg Boss contestants another luxury task. While Sapna and Puneesh were fighting Bigg Boss intervened and said that this task is cancelled as they could not agree.


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