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You will Not Believe What Hina Khan Accused Vikas Gupta Of & Its Not What You Think

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There is no love lost between Hina Khan & Vikas Gupta, the two prime contestants this season of Bigg Boss 11. Today Hina Khan made an allegation which will shock you. She asked Vikas Gupta not to touch her. It is a very damning accusation to make against anyone.  Vikas Gupta showed a lot of maturities and handled the situation well. This issue could have escalated very quickly had the same accusation been made for Priyank Sharma or anyone else.


What do you think of such an allegation? Do you agree with Hina Khan? Let us know in comments if you support Vikas Gupta.


Despite a good performance from the contestants, they lost luxury budget due to Sapna Choudhary. Apart from Sapna vs Puneesh today’s Bigg Boss 11 episode had the regular masala. During the captaincy task, Priyank Sharma showed that he is still not yet over Arshi Khan.


We will know who has the last laugh on Weekend Ka Vaar when Tiger, Salman Khan visits the Bigg Boss house. Till then it looks like the awaam is clearly in favour of Arshi Khan. By not respecting a lady for her clothing, Priyank and her team and are showing their viewpoint.


During a discussion with Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi, priyank Sharma said Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan bulls. When Luv Tyagi tried to stop him, he said, but that is the reality dude. Weighing 70 Kgs, they are “Saand” and should not be allowed to compete in athletic tasks.


Priyank Sharma was advised by Vikas Gupta earlier this week to speak properly with women. He did not listen to him. He doesn’t know what is happening outside the Bigg Boss 11, but he should have listened.


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