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Puneesh & Akaash Fight In Bigg Boss 11 – Who Is To Blame?

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Captaincy task once again created a huge fight in Bigg Boss 11. Shilpa Shinde, Akash Dadlani and puneesh Sharma were seen fighting with each other throughout the Bigg Boss 11 episode. The only desire Akaash Dadlani has in life is to become the captain of Bigg Boss house. Each time the contestants select someone else instead of him. Nothing seems to piss off Akash then not being able to become the captain of the house.


This time Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan and others mutually agreed to make Hiten Tejwani as their captain. There cannot be a selection of a captain without a twist from Bigg Boss. The contestants were given spray paints and had to darken the photos of contestants whom they don’t want as their captain.


Puneesh Vs Akaash Creates Chaos in Bigg Boss 11. Is Their Friendship Over?


Akash Dadlani expected his good friend and guy who is always looking to fight, Puneesh Sharma to blacken Hiten’s picture. Now Puneesh Sharma may look dumb, but he isn’t. No one would sacrifice himself and go against the majority in Bigg Boss house.


Hina Khan’s Masterstroke causes Fight in Bigg Boss


While the two were deliberating, Hina Khan sensed the opportunity and seized it. She darkened Akaash Dadlani picture which caused absolute chaos in Bigg Boss 11. he was furious with Puneesh for not doing what he wanted. Akaash Dadlani is hyperactive normally, but when he doesn’t become captain, he reacts like someone who has taken all his weed at once.







Hiten Tejwani was like, for God’s sake relax. Team Hina Khan could not hide their joy from seeing the fighting in Shilpa Shinde camp. Akaash keeps testing the patience of his friends, and it is becoming evident that Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma are losing it. Both of them were saying that he is stretching the topic.


Was This Bigg Boss or A 70’s melodrama?


When the fight broke up Akaash Dadlani, and Shilpa Shinde started arguing, fighting then arguing. It was a comical scene with Puneesh sitting outside enacting a 70’s movie literally crying, I’ve lost a friend. Shilpa tried to tell Akaash that it wasn’t Puneesh’s fault but Akaash did not want to listen to anyone today.


You can call him as “Mastermind” or “Genuine” depending on whom you support, but to us, Vikas Gupta’s apology proved why he is one of the best. Hina Khan, however, feels that apology came up only to clear up the issues that will be asked by Salman Khan tomorrow. It takes courage to accept your mistake, something Priyank Sharma hasnt shown.





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