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Akaash Dadlani Insults Salman khan – Find Out What happened ?

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Akaah Dadlaani was not funny today. Despite Salman Khan’s best effort to cheer him up and be nice with him, the BB11 contestant was plain rude with Dabbang Salman Khan. Akaash Dadlaani messed with the wrong man. After his fight this week with Puneesh Sharma he managed to piss off the wrong Khan.


Salman khan Tries But Akaash Insults Salman Khan in BB11


Salman cheered up Akaash Dadlani by comparing him with Vin Diesel.Instead of coming up with something funny he was boring and wasted the time of Salman and the Bigg Boss viewers. If there was anyone who felt bad for him for not winning the captaincy yesterday, it is difficult to find them cheering for him.


After the wrestling match, Salman Khan asked him to patch up with his good friend Puneesh Sharma. Akaash did not accept the offer. Salman tried to maintain his cool but you sensed he was getting upset with the unprofessional behaviour. Salman khan left the ring angrily and said that Akaash truly has lost the game now.


Things between Bhai and Akaash have never been very smooth right from the beginning. Salman always seem to dislike him for his fake accent. In today’s episode he told Akaash Dadlani that his manners in Big Boss 11 can cost him heavily professionally. He told him that people would no longer like to work with him due to his behaviour.


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