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This was a terrible episode for Hina Khan. Salman Khan just kept revealing her entire game step by game in a brutal assault. Salman Khan put Priyank Sharma in the dock for his body shaming comment. After criticizing Priyank for his comments Salman was extremely critical on Hina Khan for being quiet. He said if she had problem with Puneesh’s comment on Sapna then why not raise her voice against body shaming.


Hina Khan said that she should not be held accountable for every action. She just couldn’t understand why she is being criticized. When Salman Khan took a break, she almost fought with Shilpa Shinde calling her frustrated. It is her hypocrisy that was brutally exposed by Salman khan in this Weekend ka vaar.


Salman Khan Criticizes Hina & Priyank


She was telling Priyank Sharma that they are being targetted because of the bias of the show. Salman Khan immediately intervened and asked her. When he asked her what she was discussing, she diverted the issue. Salman Khan however persisted and asked her again why does she feel she is being targetted?


She said that no matter what happens in Bigg Boss 11, I’m always blamed for it. Salman khan broke her myth and told her that it’s not always about you, never. Watching Hina Khan, you feel that she is not willing to listen to anyone who may have a better opinion than her. She didn’t like it when Vikas Gupta apologized to her.

Can Hina Khan Fightback In Bigg Boss 11?


Hina Khan is in a very bad spot after this week. Vikas Gupta in lawyer task and Salman Khan in Weekend Ka Vaar have highlighted certain qualities which Hina did well to conceal.


Despite the criticism, one can’t say if she actually got what Salman Khan has been trying to tell her. She asked her again why does one statement get blown out of proportion? Sorry, Hina Khan, It’s not one statement, you cannot body shame someone and expect to get away with it. If Hina thinks it is OK to do it then surely she is mistaken.



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