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Arshi Khan Is Upset But Has Vikas Gupta With Her

arshi khan

Arshi Khan is upset with dear friend Shilpa Shinde. She is angry that her Shilpa Shinde, who she calls as her mummy is unable to understand her. She dislikes Shilpa for forcing her decisions on her. The thing which has really hurt Arshi Khan is when Shilpa asked her to stay away from Akaash Dadlani. Arshi and Akaash are very good friends. Despite his weird behaviours they get along very well.


Arshi Khan was sharing her pain with good friend Vikas Gupta that she is not liking how Shilpa is cutting off her ties. She said that she was isnt liking how Shilpa is imposing her decisions on her. Vikas Gupta supports her and tells her that she is playing the game in the right spirit.


He tells her that she can trust him during the show. Vikas Gupta takes a firm stand against Shilpa Shinde defending his good friend Shilpa Shinde. He tells SHilp Shinde that she has no business in imposing her view on Arshi. He told her that it should be left to Arshi Khan to decide with whom she wants to chat with. He made a very good point with many other Bigg boss contestants can learn.


Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan & Vikas Gupta – Trimurthy Of Bigg Boss 11


Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta are the Trimurthi of Bigg Boss 11 around which everything revolves. You don’t expect this trinity to break. For eight weeks they have stood for each other at times fought against each other but their bond has become very strong.


Salman Khan tried to calm things down when he came in through “MeTv” during Weekendkavaar. When Arshi told him about this issue with mummy. He quipped saying that being a mother is the most difficult and thankless job.


At the end of the episode, Arshi asks Vikas Gupta whether she should stick with Shilpa or drift apart? He advised her to play her natural game while maintaining civility. He cleverly suggested that since Salman Khan praised you this week, you should stick with what you are doing.

What do you think will happen with this trinity? Will they survive or break?



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