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Puneesh Sharma And Akaash Dadlani Fight Again In Bigg Boss 11

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Bigg Boss 11 saw high voltage action between Puneesh Sharma and Akaash Dadlani with both the contestants getting physical with each other. Once best friends have turned bitter rivals after last weeks captaincy task. Today both Puneesh and Akaash came to blows. Arshi Khan and Akaash Dadlani were hanging around the dining area irritating Shilpa Shinde.


From Shilpa Shinde, the topic shifted to Bandagi. Puneesh Sharma could not tolerate someone making crude remarks on his girlfriend. He looked visibly upset over what was being said. When Akaash was cooking his breakfast. He began asking him what his issue is?


Akaash Dadlani still has not got over the pain of not becoming the captain in Bigg Boss house. He mocked Puneesh Sharma and insulted his way of talking. Puneesh lost his cool and flipped over the pan. It could have been dangerous for other contestants as the pan was really hot and Arshi Khan was sitting quite close.


Puneesh Sharma and Akaash Dadlani Fight Again In Bigg Boss 11


It appeared as if Puneesh Sharma switched into Hulk mode dealing with Akaash Dadlani. He screamed, pushed and even threw his shoe at him. It took all the contestants to calm things down in Bigg Boss. Surprisingly Bigg Boss did not intervene in physical assault. Not even the customary warning.


This isn’t the first time Akaash Dadlani and Punnesh Sharma have fought. They almost fought earlier during the captaincy task, but at that time the matter was resolved quickly. Before that Akaash Dadlani was physically hit by Priyank Sharma for which he had to leave Bigg Boss 11.

Is This Part Of Akaash’s Game Plan ?


When Puneesh was not able to control his anger it was Priyank who came to his rescue despite all their differences. Priyank and Luv Tyagi tried to calm him dows but he told them if getting physical is a way of leaving the show then I’ll have to do some thing drastic. I’ll break open his [Akaash] head and leave the show.


Is it Akaash’s game to instigate contestants and get them evicted? Bandagi, Puneesh’s girlfriend definitely thinks that’s the case. You be the judge when you watch the episode. If you have seen it, let us know who do you think is to be blamed for today’s fight?



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