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Did Hina Khan Dig A Hole For Herself With Ugly Lilliput task ?

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Bigg Boss 11 Day 58 saw contestants playing the lilliput task in which Hina Khan, Akaash Dadlani, Luv Tyagi and Arshi Khan were lilliputs. The task of lilliputs was to torture Puneesh Sharma, Hiten Tejwani, Bandagi and Shilpa Shinde so that they ring the bell and leave the task.


Hina Khan used the infamous Mirchi trick to get Bandagi Kalra out of the task. The lilliput team used a combination of gel and Mirchi to irritate and get her out of the task in Bigg Boss 11. Bandai managed to hold the fort and survived the task for a while could not bear it after Mirchi went in her eyes.


Vikas Gupta Stops Hina Khan From being Cruel! Do You Support Him ?


The moderator (sanchalak) Vikas Gupta could not bear the task anymore as he felt it was inhuman. He intervened and allowed Bandagi to get up and clean her face with water despite huge protest from the lilliput team. Hina Khan led the protest telling Vikas Gupta it was just Bandagi’s fault to not co-operate with them.  When she was given a chance to resume her task she decided to leave it as she could no longer bear the torture.


The worse torture of the task took place with Shilpa Shinde when the lilliput team literally covered her face red with Mirchi. It’s a credit to her strength that she managed to hang for that long. Once again in Bigg Boss 11 Shilpa Shinde showed why she excels in task.


Hiten Tejwani Torture In Bigg Boss Will remind You Of 40-year-Old Virgin Scene




The torture of Hiten tejwani was sort of funny, and he took it very well. It will remind you of the waxing scene from the 40-year-old virgin.Not sure of Hiten Tejwani and his team will remember it in this fashion as the task has turned ugly tomorrow.


The lilliput task was started smartly by Hina Khan, but her continuous use of Mirchi may cost her dearly tomorrow when it’s her turn to lie on the bench. From the promo Team, Shilpa Shinde is in no mood to let the matter go. Who do you support?


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