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Contestants Think Vikas Gupta Will Be The Winner & Hina Khan is The Real Devil

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Bigg Boss 11 had an interesting task today in which Vikas Gupta was selected as the winner and Hina Khan as the Devil. The contestants had to vote based on housemates charachteristics. They had to select a winner, devil, baingan and phuski bomb. To no ones surprise everyone unanimously opted for Hina Khan as the devil of Bigg Boss 11. Arshi Khan who is spendin gher birthday in jail began the vote for Shilpa Shinde to be voted as the baingan of Bigg Boss 11. Arshi Khan and other contestants felt that Shilpa Shinde is the one who switches side most often.


Vikas Gupta Is the Winner & Hina Khan is The Devil


Vikas Gupta was unanimously selected as the winner. We could not agree more the contestants on this. Vikas Gupta is emerging as the only winner in Bigg Boss 11. Not just for the way he plays his tasks but for the humane approach he shows which no other contestant has. Vikas Gupta isnt afraid to praise his strongest competitor Shilpa Shinde as well.



What makes Vikas Gupta Stand Apart ?


During the episode we once again see Hina Khan bitching baout Shilpa Shinde telling Vikas Gupta that Shilpa wants to play the victim. Vikas Gupta told her that he admires Shilpa for the way she performs in this show. He said that its impossible for them to entertain as she does. he also said that while others think they are gaiing something by telling her, it is she who is using it cleverly to her advantage.


All contetsants had to take their selfie at their cutouts. hin aKhan won the task for best selfie. She won the task and got herself dryfruits in return. Will Vikas Gupta turn out to be the real winner of Bigg Boss 11? Who do you think is going to win the show?




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