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Puneesh Sharma & Bandagi Kalra Have Lost It – They Fight With Bigg Boss

puneesh akaash fight


Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Klara have gone against Bigg Boss and the entire house over the worst performer decision. The worst performers are sent to jail in Bigg Boss 11 and on consensus, it was agreed that puneesh Sharma, bandagi Kalra and arshi khan were the worst contestants.


Bandagi Kalra was the main reason why her team won the task and she had some reason to feel angry. Puneesh Sharma, on the other hand, felt they did not deserve to be part of the bottom three and Hina Khan, luv Tyagi and Arshi Khan deserved the jail.


Shilpa Shinde and team were not happy that the other team used Mirchi which made the task ugly. Puneesh and Bandagi threatened not to follow the Bigg Boss decision of going to jail. After Bigg Boss cautioned them of the consequences of not following his orders in the show they immediately joined Arshi Khan in the jail.

Puneesh and Bandagi are nominated contestants this week along with Luv Tyagi. It is vital for Shilpa Shinde that both of them survive this week. If either of them leaves then, Hina Khan will have an even bigger control of the game.


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