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Arshi Khan Targets Shilpa Shinde and Its Not Funny

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Arshi Khan is having huge issues with Shilpa Shinde, and it’s not clear what exactly is her problem. It began with Shilpa Shinde’s closeness with Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra, but now it appears that she wants to hate her. Why ? Footage ?


Arshi Khan was the symbol of bold and brave opinion in Bigg Boss 11, but lately, her views have been irritating. Teaming up Akash Dadlani she has made it a point to go after Shilpa Shinde over her cooking, cleaning and sometimes just because she feels it. It has become repetitive for both Akash and Arshi to mock Shilpa’s behaviour. In Bigg Boss, you find the fights funny, but here none of the insults are humorous. The duos remarks are insensitive and at most times crude.


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They feel that she cleans only to gain the sympathy of the viewers. Both have a feeling that every action of Shilpa Shinde is for the cameras. It is strange that this is coming from two people who play for the cameras.  Even Hina Khan felt that Arshi Khan is going overboard this week going after Shilpa Shinde. To doubt everything Shilpa Shinde does in this show is plain ridiculous. It looks like Salman Khan’s talk that she is playing well has got to her head.

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