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Eeks Did Shilpa Shinde Plan On Mixing Veet In Hina Khan’s Hair Mix ?

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Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan hate each other would be putting things mildly. If we go by Vikas Gupta’s word, Shilpa Shinde will have plans to turn Hina Khan into Aamir Khan’s Ghajini. She was about to mix Veet in Hina Khan’s hair mix. For those who didn’t follow the lilliput task, you can read all the juicy details of the torture task here. During the task Bandagi Kalra applied some cream on Hina Khan’s hair. Vikas Gupta saw Shilpa Shinde trying to add Veet in that mixture. He said that she stopped on seeing her.


Do You Still Support Shilpa Shinde In Bigg Boss 11?


Imagine what would have happened if they had actually applied on Hina Khan’s hair? Staying in the Bigg Boss house is not an easy task and each day its a test of their patience. We saw yesterday Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra revolting against the Bigg Boss himself.


During the task Shilpa Shinde and bandagi were upset that Hina Khan and team used Mirchi on them. They feel that their torurepales if you compare it to the previous team.  Do you agree with their opinion ?Who was more inhuman in the task ? Cutting hair or Applying Mirchi powder what in your eyes deserves stricter punishment ?


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