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Hina Khan is right Bigg Boss 11 Is Totally Biased Towards Shilpa Shinde

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Hina Khan had said after last week’s bashing that Bigg Boss 11 is biased in favour of Shilpa Shinde.  We  cant help but agree as one more week pass by in Bigg Boss 11. Once again we see Hina khan being questioned over her performance in the task for using Mirchi while Shilpa Shinde is left scot free for the use of garlic.


There is nothing wrong in criticizing Hina Khan. The show can definitely do that but if you see the actual task Akash Dadlani was the one who suffered the worst torture. His face was swollen like that of a fighter. Guess there is some strange justification for it. Shilpa Shinde tried to mix Veet in Hina Khan’s hair mix but nothing was asked. Luv Tyagi’s hair was clipped out but that’s task.


Imagine The Reaction If Hina Khan Had Used Garlic or Clipped Bandagi Kalra’s Hair ?


The contestants, Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani have even started talking that Shilpa Shinde has a special contract with the channel to project her as a goddess. We did not believe Hina Khan when she first bought up the bias claim but there is a lot of merit in the argument now.


This thought has not just emerged this week but it’s been a growing trend that you can follow in the show with Salman Khan always coming to her rescue. Last week Arshi Khan complained to Salman Khan about her problems with Shilpa. What was his recation ? He said, Dont you know mothers job is toughest in the world? It’s a thankless job. You should not be having so many complaints.


Task Only When Shilpa Shinde Does It ?


For some reason we get a feeling that task becomes task when Shilpa Shinde does it. Torute is part of task and needs to be taken in sportsmanspirit when she does it but when Hina Khan does it the channel seems to forget that she was also part of the task. Bandagi Kalra cut off Hina Khan’s hair but wasn’t even questioned.


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  • Not at all …. That matter is solved in house … And they asked akash that .. “is se to koi problem nhi hai na … Lessun hai koi dikkat nhi hai na ” then why didn’t he said … Ki han bhai hai … #ShilpaWinningHearts 💖

  • yes we see that many times.
    Poonish sapna matter (classy & massy) we all see in uncut video on voot.
    that time the way of talking poonish was not good but salman totally denied this thing. favouring poonish on that time and that video deleted from voot. shows biggboss is biased. Totally biased

  • Totally Agreed, Biggboss totally Biased, and targeting Team Hina khan and specially Hina khan, Totally Biased towards Shilpa Shindi, and they are not eliminating through voting system they eliminate through their own (BB)choice
    evict puneesh and bandagi from BB11

  • Yes it’s totally biased in favour of Shitpa. They have made it a cookery show somehow. She has a fake persona. #FixedWinnerShilpa

  • Yes you are write always saw hina fault is very big thing and any another person fault egnore the show is to much biased not every body look like a Bhagwan

  • Colors is biased…hina is right…shilpa is fake…they show that shilpa is devi maa ..fu***….fake showw….#wesupporthinakhan…and why salman not ask question to shilpa for body shaming hina khan….bigboss11 is biased @colorstv

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