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Jeez Vikas Gupta For Once Listen To Hina Khan and Stop Ruining Bigg Boss 11

Mastermind Vikas Gupta is arguably the smartest brain in Bigg Boss 11, but he can be a control freak during tasks which ruins the show. He dictates what the entire house needs to follow in a captaincy task and this monopoly is sucking the life out of the show. In today’s captaincy, his main purpose as always was not to allow Hina Khan to win the task.


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Hiten Tejwani following his orders is blindly allowing his own game to slide. He has become Vikas Gupta’s puppet as Bigg Boss 11 has progressed and is looking afraid to voice his own opinions. Puneesh Sharma questioned his tactics for namesake but eventually did what mastermind wanted.


Is Vikas Gupta Scared Of Hina Khan ?


Nobody expects Vikas Gupta to make Hina Khan win the task, but they make the tasks boring by building up their monopoly. Past Bigg Boss seasons have been compelling because tasks were more even and the channel never allowed one team to build a majority as is build up currently.

hina khan


Hina Khan is seen making a genuine effort from her side in today’s episode when she speaks with Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejwani about her nomination. She tells them to give her a chance since she was captain a couple of months back but they dont relent. Vikas Gupta had a plan in which he tells Puneesh Sharma and Hiten Tejwani to play competitively for the first few rounds. He then instructs them to start removing contestants starting with Hina Khan. Whether it is fear of a stronger contestant or tactic he certainly makes the task a little dull.


Vikas Gupta – Mastermind That Controls A Tad Bit Too Much ?


This is not the first time that Vikas Gupta controlled an entire task. He has a complete say in almost all captaincy tasks. Whether it was the Dino task or the captaincy task of Bandagi Kalra, he tells people how it should be done.


What do you think ? IS Vikas Gupta Playing a good Game ? Should He listen at times to Hina Khan ? Let us know in comments.




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