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Hina Khan Thinks Hiten Tejwani is Spineless But Is He ?

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Hina Khan lost it today in Bigg Boss 11 when Hiten Tejwani did not enter the ramp. He had Hina Khan’s doll and according to the task she had an outside chance of becoming the captain. It was always going to be difficult for Hina Khan to become the captain of the house with Vikas Gupta still standing.


She felt Hiten was not making his own decisions but blindly following his friend. To be fair to him, he did try to enter the ramp although that attempt was weak. Hina Khan was angry seeing his lacklustre effort and asked him to put in a sincere effort since this was a task.


Is Hina Khan Right About Hiten Tejwani Being A Follower & Not A Leader ?


Hiten Tejwani told her that his decisions are for his friend Vikas Gupta. What do you think ? She was adamant that his real face was exposed to the public. As usual, he showed immense patience and did not react even once.


Akaash Ddalaani got into the act and started calling him a “loser.” There was only one person who was looking like one and that was Akaash himself. Shilpa Shinde tried to stop him but he did not listen.


Hiten Tejwani and Hina Khan have been good friends, and we hope this incident does not sour their friendship. Do you think Hiten Tejwani is spoiling his game? Is he heavily dependent on Vikas Gupta? Leave your comments and let us know what you think about the entire situation.


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