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Shilpa Shinde’s Mother Enters Bigg Boss and It Is Emotional

shilpa shinde

 Bigg Boss allows contestants to meet with their relatives during the season and that moment has come in Bigg Boss 11. In an emotional video we see Shilpa Shinde’s mother entering the Bigg Boss house to meet her daughter who is in freeze mode. This is the kind of video when even the haters fall in love with you.  The concept was introduced during Bigg Boss season 6 when Urvashi Dholakia won the show.


Shilpa Shinde’s Mother’s Video Will Melt Your Hearts


Every year since then the relatives episode has been a big hit and it’s one moment when contestants also forget their differences. Shilpa Shinde’s mother came into the house and gave blessings to all contestants. She didn’t have a harsh word for even a single one. She reminded them that when you call my daughter as your mother tries to giver respect. Don’t abuse her.


We see an emotional Shilpa Shinde who is wanting to break through the task and hug her mother. Vikas Gupta and Poonish Sharma are also seen crying in the video. The video is extremely emotional and will move you to tears. Bigg Boss was not as cruel as previous seasons and allowed Shilpa Shinde to meet her mother.Stay tuned for more updates.

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