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Arshi Khan Insults Shilpa Shinde’ Mother and Loses Respect

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The statue task in Bigg Boss is known to be a peacemaker in relationships. It can move even the coldest of hearts, but Arshi Khan clearly is an exception. We find it hard to believe that she even has an issue with Shilpa Shinde’s mother. You can watch the moment here.


How Can Arshi Khan Be Rude To Shilpa Shinde’s Mother ?


When Shilpa Shinde’s mother entered the house and spoke with everyone, she was the only contestant who stayed away. She did not even give her mother a customary hug. Arshi Khan has been fighting with Shilpa Shinde over trivial issues. Poonish Sharma and Bandagi Kalra were blamed as the man reason for the fight, but with Bandagi’s exit the fight continues.

shilpa shinde

It’s not the fight but the manner in which Arshi is continuing the fight, which makes it terrible. She said that Shilpa Shinde tried to demean her father. Anyone who sees the episode will understand that in no frame did such an incident occur.


What is the Problem Arshi Khan ?


It looks like her problem lies elsewhere. There seems to be a wider, weird logic to this problem. Arshi Khan says that Vikas Gupta never speaks rudely with Shilpa. That seems to be her problem. It’s confusing. Why will anyone have an issue with how Vikas Gupta speaks with Shilpa, right?

arshi khan

Whatever her reason we in today’s statue task her actions made her look very bad. The statue task has the big role in deciding the winner of the house. We wonder if Arshi Khan just helped Shilpa Shinde win the Bigg Boss 11? Remember Bakhtiyar Irani? How his backlash backfired on Delnaaz iraani? While no relative uttered anything against the contestant today. It was Arshi who began her attack once again on Shilpa Shinde.


Bigg Boss 11 Statue Task – Shilpa Shinde’s Mother Has The Best Advice!


Shilpa Shinde’s mother told the house that she is very happy to see her daughter being called as mother. She urged Arshi, Akaash Dadlaani and others who abuse Shilpa to stop abusing her. She said if you call her mother, dontabuse her.


There is an unsaid rule in the Bigg Boss house to forget differences during statue task. Every contestant forgets their differences and greets the loved ones. We saw Vikas Gupta warmly hugging Hina Khan who normally are seen fighting. He told her to stay strong. Shilpa Shinde was also seen telling Vikas Gupta the same thing in the morning.

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