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Gauri Pradhan Meeting With Hiten Tejwani Will Make You Believe In Love

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Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan finally met in the Bigg Boss house.  As soon as she enters the Bigg Boss house, all contestants are asked to enter in statue mode by Bigg Boss. Cruel ? You haven’t seen anything yet.

Gauri Pradhan goes and sees her husband Hiten Tejwani who is seriously performing the task. She starts crying as soon as she sees Hiten. He gets emotional and is on the verge of crying as she starts informing him about the kids.


Gauri Pradhan and Hiten Tejwani – SRK and Kajol ?


The interplay between the couple is utterly romantic and it will make you will fall in love with them. Gauri Pradhan asks Hiten if he cant even smile and then kisses him on the cheek. She then tells him to blink and tell him if he is okay. He blinks and responds.

What Did Gauri Tell Arshi Khan ?


One can safely say that Bigg Boss is Vishal Bharadwaj fan and not a Shah Rukh Khan fan. Who ele will keep Hiten Tejwani in statue and allow him to meet Gauri Pradhan? Bigg Boss releases him from the task only after she leaves the house causing severe heartbreak for Hiten.


Arshi Khan cant be too far from Hiten, can she? She was standing quite close to him during the task. It is nice to see Gauri being cordial with her and even telling her that she enjoys her bits with Hiten Tejwani.  Isn’t that cool?

How did you find Gauri’s interaction with Hiten? Love or Hate?  Leave your comments below.


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