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Vikas Gupta Meeting With His Mother Is The Best Thing You Will See

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Vikas Gupta’s mother came into the Bigg Boss house, and her meeting was most adorable. She came into the house and her son immediately broke into tears seeing the sight of his mother. Vikas Gupta’s mother made us realize once again the special bond we share with our mothers. Thank you.

She did not advise him or any other contestant about Bigg Boss 11. She hugged Vikas Gupta gave him her love and told that she loves him dearly. She then went to the Bigg Boss 11 house and met the other contestants.


Vikas Gupta and His Mothers Interaction Will Bring A Big Smile On Your face.


There was no anger on her face when she met Shilpa Shinde or Hina Khan with whom her son has often had trouble. She gave them her love and told every contestant to play the game well.

When she was about to leave the house Bigg Boss asked everyone to resume the task and freeze again. Vikas Gupta’s mother, in an adorable moment, gives him a salute and tickles him until he breaks from his statue.

They did a little jig which brings a wide smile on their faces. There were many heart touching moments in today’s episode, but this one comes real close. What was your favourite? Hiten-Gauri?



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