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Karan Patel Tries But Fails To Break Hina Khan Spirit

Weekend Ka Vaar is actually a war for Hina Khan to deal. This week she had to contend with Karan Patel and Salman Khan. Karan Patel tried her best to break Hina Khan’s spirit but could not do it.  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s lead star is often seen slamming Hina Khan on twitter and it is not surprising that Bigg Boss chose him to send inside the house. While the actor continued to criticize her we love how she took it during the freeze task. It is both funny and cute how she reacts while he goes on criticizing her.

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Karan Patel joined Weekend ka vaar To Slam Hina Khan


Karan Patel slammed Hina Khan inside the Bigg Boss house as well. He thinks she forgets things according to her convenience and doesn’t trust her friends. His remarks were targeted towards the friendship of Hina Khan and Priaynk Sharma.In his dramatic style he said that there are not only 160 cameras that record you but 1.30 billion people who watch you daily.His favourite contestant is Shilpa Shinde. He begged her to forgive Vikas Gupta for troubling her.


Since the contestants were in freeze mode when Karan Patel came into the Bigg Boss house Salman Khan introduced him again and gave the contestants (read Hina Khan) a chance to speak their mind. She said there will always be differences between friends and she will sort it out. She also reminded Karan Patel that it is easy to judge from outside. She invited him to the Bigg Boss house for next season.



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