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Shilpa Shinde Makes Shocking Comment On Hina Khan – Heartless or Funny ?

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Hina Khan met her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal in Bigg Boss 11 today in the freeze task. Hina became emotional as you can imagine.  Shilpa Shinde, however, found the emotional outburst surprising to the extent of drama. The task saw a whole range of emotions with Luv Tyagi, Vikas Gupta, Priyank Sharma and even the unbreakable Hiten Tejwani breaking down on seeing their loved ones. Why is only Hina Khan is being mocked? What do you think ?Did you find it funny?


Shilpa Shinde Makes A Disgusting Comment On Hina Khan


When Hina Khan was emotional in the Bigg Boss house on seeing her boyfriend, we see Shilpa Shinde mocking her style. It does not stop here. We see Hina crying near the door as she was unable to give her boyfriend a proper hug and a gift.


Shilpa Shinde mocks Hina Khan and starts rolling on the floor and makes a digusting comment on her appearance saying if she finds out about this she will make her chachundar face and start crying. It is shocking to see such behaviour in Bigg Boss 11 but will Salman Khan question it or find it funny?


Sana Khan slammed Shilpa Shinde’s comments and wondered if this is acceptable? We see many celebratiesup in arms when Hina makes a statement whetehr but almost all of them remain silent when Shilpa Shinde makes a nasty comment.

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  • Thnkx sana u and mr Salil Anand nd Sambhavana Seth r the only one tooj stand in this some celebs wants only chance to defame hina nd aftr all this disgusting cmnt stil Mr Suyash Rai, Kishwer, Syantani, Pawan Durani, Benafsha Soonawala, nd Bandgi kalra finds its funny nd drama… We fans lost respect fr them…. Thnks sana, sambhavana, salil sir

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