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Shilpa Shinde Gets Violent With Hina Khan and Pulkit Samrat Feels Bad

shilpa shinde


Shilpa Shinde hates Hina Khan but there are moments on more than one occasion when she has taken it out in a violent manner. She became violent during the task once again. Can it be justified in the name of task?

Shilpa Shinde and Hiten Tejwani were selected as winners since they answered most questions. They were given an opportunity to select a contestant to take revenge. Hiten Tejwani was given boot polish and was told to apply polish on feet. He chooses Akash Dadlaani.

shilpa shinde
Contestants try to stop Shilpa Shinde.


Shilpa Shinde was given a belt which had a ball attached to it. The punishment was to pull the ball and release it so that it hits the contestant. Team Fukrey showed a demo of the task, and they pulled the ball slightly so that it doesn’t hit them hard.


Did Shilpa Shinde Get Violent In The Task ?


Shilpa Shinde chose Hina Khan and then pulled the ball to the maximum distance it could have been stretched. Vikas Gupta, Hiten Tejwani and all contestants were seen telling her not to pull it so much as it will hit Hina Khan badly. She didn’t listen and released it. Hina Khan braved it, but she did not stop and kept on doing it.

Eventually, it was Pulkit Samraat and Richa Chaddha who told her to let go. We wonder if she becomes a little violent during tasks? Remember the garlic incident?  Or the one with Vikas Gupta?

Team Fukrey Stir Up The Bigg Boss 11 House


Today in Bigg Boss 11 it was time for the cast of Fukrey retuens to enter the Bigg Boss house to promote their movie. The cast were a lot of fun on the show and brought a new task for the contestants of Bigg Boss 11. They put some tricky questions from their co-contestants which they themselves have been hesitant to ask.

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Kill Marry Hookup – Who Did Shilpa Shinde Choose ?


vikas gupta
Kill Marry Hookup


Hina Khan was asked who would she choose between Luv Tyagi and Priyank if she had the option to select just one.  She said that she prefers to drown in water first rather than not saving her friends. Shilpa Shinde was asked why does she play a waiting game in Bigg Boss 11. She said that she waits for the right moment to slap her opponents. Pulkit Samrat responded by saying it means ,”You will continue to bear insults till then?”


She was asked a funny question by Vikas Gupta who played his own Koffee With Karan Rapid Fire round. The question was to select one between Vikas Gupta, Hiten Tejwani and Priyank Sharma for Kill, Marry and Hookup. She choose Vikas Gupta for Hookup, Hiten tejwani to Marry and choose to kill Priyank Sharma.


What do you think about today’s episode? Leave your comments below.


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