Shilpa Shinde Vs Akaash Dadlaani Who Deserves The blame ?

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Shilpa Shinde has once again accused Akaash Dadlaani of touching her in a wrong manner. Shilpa Shinde said she is uncomfortable with his touch. This isn’t the first time Akaash Dadlaani has touched her. He has been kissing her regularly and both of them are justifying it by giving the relationship of mother.


Bigg Boss 11 contestants Hiten Tejwani, Poonish Sharma and Vikas Gupta who are good friends with Shilpa Shinde were surprised when she raised this topic. They said she needs to take a firm step. They feel that in the past few weeks he has been kissing her far too frequently.


Vikas Gupta Doubts Shilpa Shinde In Bigg Boss 11?


Vikas Gupta said that she should stop changing her decision every other day. It is a valid point. Earlier in the episode we see Poonish Sharma raising the topic of Akaash. he says it is looking ugly. They were talking about Akaash and Arshi. She said Arshi Khan is to be blamed because she allows Akash to kiss her. She also says that she is at fault with the way she and Akaash are dealing.


Arshi Khan Thinks Akaash Has Been Kissing Shilpa Shinde Since The Beginning Of Bigg Boss 11


Arshi Khan wondered what changed now that she suddenly changed her decision. It is good to see Hina Khan support Shilpa Shinde when all other contestants were skeptical. Luv Tyagi who doesn’t belong to Shilpa Shinde camp took the initiative and spoke with Akaash Dadlaani about the incident. He told him to stop troubling her and just leave her.


Akaash Dadlaani agreed but was bitter about the entire incident. He felt that Shilpa Shinde was using him to raise a topic for weekendkavaar. Arshi Khan and Akaash believe Shilpa is playing a game while Poonish Sharma told them to stay away from this topic because she is a woman and Salman Khan will only defend her.


Who is right? Shilpa Shinde or Akaash Dadlaani? Did she encourage Akaash?  Let us know by leaving your comments.

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