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Bigg Boss 11 : What is Vikas Gupta Problem With Priyank Sharma?

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Vikas Gupta has some serious issues with Priyank Sharma, but it’s hard to understand what is his exact problem. He had a problem with Priyank Sharma’s relationship, then with his language, now its because Vikas Gupta thinks Priyank made fun of his mother.


Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma In Bigg Boss 11 – Love Hate Relationship?


Seeing his anger, Priyank Sharma went up to him and apologised for the task. He touched his feet and said sorry but Vikas Gupta started yelling saying he does not need any of this drama. It is fair to brush it off as the drama by reading this, but if you watch the episode, you will see that Priyank Sharma had no real intention to hurt him or his mother. Hiten Tejwani and Poonish Sharma also said the same thing to Vikas Gupta that he must leave it as Priyank Sharma was also playing a task. Is Vikas going after Priyank Sharma unfairly?


It is difficult to judge between these two, but it seems Vikas Gupta has something personal against Priyank Sharma. Today when Priyank agreed to go to the jail even that seems to have upset Vikas. Who do you support?

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