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Did Bigg Boss expose Shilpa Shinde Ugly Game ?

shilpa shinde

Shilpa Shinde is untouchable in Bigg Boss 11 or at least that’s what everyone believed until today. Bigg Boss 11 has come to that crucial moment in the season when contestants bitching videos are shown to them. Arshi Khan the captain of the house got the power to choose two contestants to see these clips. She chooses Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan.


Hina Khan wanted to see if  Luv Tyagi had ever bitched about her. That was the only thing on her mind as she was waiting for Bigg boss to call her.What Bigg Boss showed her today can be termed as the biggest bombshell of the season. He showed Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde bitching about her.


Shilpa Shinde Clip Is Going To cause Lots of Fights in Bigg Boss 11! Who do you Support?


In the clip we see Shilpa Shinde making fun of her and makes shocking comments on her appearance. It is unbelievable that this behaviour has so far not once been pulled up by Salman Khan. Watching the clip, tears start rolling down Hina Khan’s eyes.


She can hardly believe what she sees. Not in her wildest imagination could she had thought Shilpa Shinde playing Bigg Boss 11 in this fashion. This can be the biggest setback for Angoori Babhi as we see in tomorrow’s precap Arshi Khan revolting against her.




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