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Shilpa Shinde Is Happy that Hina Khan has Seen her Bitching Clip

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In today’s episode we see Hina Khan is upset after seeing the bitching clips of Shilpa Shinde. She does not take out her anger on Shilpa Shinde. She takes her time and calmly shares her frustration with Bigg Boss 11 contestants Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta. She wonders why Shilpa Shinde makes such nasty comments about her appearance?


When Shilpa Shinde finds out that Hina Khan was shown her bitching clips she is neither sorry or apologetic for what she said. She starts laughing hysterically thanking Bigg Boss for selecting her clips. It is strange to see a person defend their behaviour in this fashion.


Why Was Shilpa Shinde Happy?


There are not many ways in which one can defend Shilpa Shinde bitching about Hina Khan’s appearance. It was wrong. While Shilpa Shinde may not want to accept it because of Bigg Boss 11, seeing her laugh is a bit strange.


Hina Khan told Bigg Boss 11 contestants that just because Shilpa Shinde gets favoured on Saturday by Salman Khan does not mean she is playing the right way. She left the conversation on an exciting note saying that once you leave the show you will find out why that [bias on saturday] is happening in Bigg Boss 11.

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