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Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde “Kind Of” Unite Which Angers Vikas Gupta

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Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are opposites who are not supposed to meet. Today’s poultry farm task saw the two powerhouse contestants agreeing on more than one occasion which is rare. Shilpa Shinde is the moderator of the ongoing task. Their “temporary” unity is frustrating one person, Vikas Gupta who gets maximum mileage out of their fights.

Bigg Boss 11 New task – Gets Physical

Bigg boss 11 turned into poultry farm and the contestants were given eggs which they had to preserve. When Hina Khan is preserving the egg, other contestants can decide to either support her or go against her.The task began, and soon we had Hina Khan with her egg. If you remember last captaincy task, she just missed the opportunity to be the captain in Bigg boss 11. She told everyone to let her be the captain this time.


Poonish Sharma, Akaash Dadlani agreed to support her while Vikas Gupta had already made his mind to go against her. Arshi Khan had to follow “mastermind” Vikas Gupta’s direction. Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi were supporting Hina Khan. Vikas Gupta started attacking Hina Khan and while she gave her best as always she could not save it.

Vikas Gupta Insecure of Hina Khan ?


Vikas Gupta constantly shows that he is insecure about Hina Khan and keeps targetting her in every task. There is lots of hypocrisy in his statement. On the one hand he says he wants best performers but he doesn’t let the best performer in task, Hina Khan even have a chance to be captain.


Bigg Boss 11 turned in Dangal when it was Arshi khan’s turn with all contestants trying their best to win the task. Sadly for Arshi Khan, she could not win it. Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde participated with great spirit and the girls deserve a lot of credit.


Arshi Khan was disappointed with Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma for not supporting her enough during the task. Her best friend Akash Dadlani stayed away as he isn’t talking terms after the nomination video.







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