Rani Mukerji Hichki Trailer Is Simply Amazing


Rai Mukerji new trailer Hitchki (Hiccups) proves why she often called the Queen of Bollywood. Portraying the character of Tourette Syndrome Rani Mukerji performs with conviction and touches your heart. The troubles she does through in finding the job of a teacher is depicted wonderfully by the director Sidharth.P. Malhotra who has directed We Are Family.


Rani Mukerji Hichki Trailer Is Endearing


Rani Mukerji had earlier said why she chose Hichki. She said, “I was looking for a script that would challenge and excite me, and Hichki came my way. Each of us has a weakness that pulls us back. It could be a disability or any condition but if we just look at it as simply a hiccup, we can emerge as a winner. It won’t come in the way of achieving our dreams. Hichki is built on this positive premise and I decided to take it up.”


The Wait is Over For Rani Mukerji fans


After her strong performance in mardaani, she is back with a powerful performance in Hichki. The trailer puts a spotlight on prejudices that exist in our society and education system.Rani Mukerji’s performance in Hichki is endearing and it is painful to watch her struggle. A scene in which she tries desperately to rectify her speech defect is gut-wrenching to watch. Her enthusiasm to teach anyone just to be a teacher will bring a smile. Her struggle will make you view things differently.


A painful subject has been handled smartly by the actor and director duo performing you several comic moments. The movie is produced by Maneesh Sharma, the director of Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan.


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