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The Conversation Between Hina Khan and Bigg Boss Is The best

hina khan

During todays’ task we had an awww moment in Bigg Boss 11 involving none other than Bigg Boss himself. The contestants were asked to speak in hindi only and there was a village setting for the task. While all other contestants were getting ready Hina Khan and Luv tyagi were discussing about their fight and friendship.


Hina Khan was explaining things in english and Bigg Boss intervened and asked them to speak in Hindi only. Hin akhna was in such a rush she immediately said “Yeah Whatever” thinking that she wont get a response.  Guess what? Not only did he respond but what followed was the cutest response from Bigg Boss. He said, “Not whatever, Hina, That’s very rude.” While no one can see Bigg Boss his reaction seemed to be like this.




She was surprided to hear him respond to her statement and immediately stated jumping and apologing saying that she did not intend it for him. Well as Hina Khan herself says its natural to have feelings and even Bigg boss seems to have a soft spot for Hina Khan. What do you think?


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