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Hina Khan Thinks Priyank Sharma is Scared of Vikas Gupta and Never Supports Her

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Hiten Tejwani’s exit has opened up a can of worms for mastermind Vikas Gupta. Priyank Sharma gave the explosive news to Hina Khan that mastermind Vikas Gupta is indeed responsible for Hiten Tejwani’s exit.  Poor Hiten, we feel for him and his wife Gauri Pradhan’s word came true about mastermind.

Is Vikas Gupta responsible For Hiten Tejwani’s Eviction?


vikas gupta

The news was later confirmed by luv Tyagi who said that he saw a tissue paper in the toilet with pink nail polish. In Bigg Boss 11 house there are no secrets and he knew that Vikas had earlier borrowed nail polish from Arshi Khan to write a letter saying “I want to save you.” This letter was earlier meant for Hiten Tejwani but when Priyank Sharma got safe he left it in the toilet for him.

Why Did Vikas GuptaLeave That letter Behind in Bigg Boss 11 ?

Hina Khan gave this sensational news to Punish Sharma and Shilpa Shinde that he is playing an evil game in Bigg Boss 11. Punish Sharma went into the living room and began singing “Chitti na koi sandes” to taunt Vikas Gupta.   Luv Tyagi who relies on Vikas Gupta was worried that he may not survive in the task and rushed to tell him immediately about what happened. Things become interesting from here.



Vikas Gupta rushed to Priyank Sharma and asked him if he ever told him such a thing. Priyank looked surprised but agreed with Vikas Gupta. Hina Khan was angry with her friend for not speaking up once again . She took a remarkable decision and must be appreciated for her presence of mind at this moment.


She immediately went to Shilpa Shinde and clarified the whole situation. She said her earlier statement was on Priyank Sharma’s thought and not fact’s.

It’s Rare To have Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan agree on a Point But They Just Did


Hina Khan wondered why Priyanks Sharma goes back on his word. It’s a valid argument raised by her. We have seen countless incidents in Bigg Boss 11 when he has stopped fighting with Vikas Gupta if he said it. One such incident happened this week after the eviction of Hiten Tejwani. Last weekend they had serious issues and did not wish to see each other face but this week they are BFF.


Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde agreed that it could be due to contracts he has already signed with Vikas Gupta as producer. Both felt that his behaviour changes when Vikas Gupta is around and he easily manipulates him.


What do you think? Is priyank Sharma scared of Vikas Gupta?


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