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No Vikas Gupta You Cannot Pounce On Hina Khan and Then Blame Her

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Viikas Gupta got physical with Hina Khan  and then defended his actions in the name of task. In todays Bigg Boss 11 episode he crossed all limits by literally jumping on Hina Khan and then blaming her for his actions. How is that possible?


Hina Khan was shocked to see him jump on her and told him to not touch her and pounce on her. She told him to play the game in fair spirit which he was not ready to do.


Did Vikas Gupta Cross the Line By Jumping On Hina Khan?


Vikas Gupta began today’s task by touching the egg which is against the rules. Yesterday in Bigg Boss 11 Shilpa Shinde clearly stopped Hina Khan from touching the egg while her supporters were given permission to touch it. When Hina Khan told him about this rule he did not wish to listen. He said he will touch and do what he wants and if he is wrong the Bigg Boss will intervene.


Jump on Hina and Blame Her? Who do you support ?


Vikas Gupta is coming across as a bad loser in this task as he defends himself. The argument between them showed an ugly side of Vikas Gupta who normally likes to potray an image of perfectionist.

Aap Chadenge Nahi Vikas Hum Pe (You cannot pounce on us )- Hina

Khud ChadTi Ho Hum Pe Toh Hum Bhi Chadenge (If you jump, I’ll jump) – Vikas

Aurat Hone ka Najayaz Faida Uthana Hina  Ko Aata Hai (You take wrong advantage of being a woman) – Vikas


The mastermind is losing his grip on the game and is unable to take it well. After his fight with Hina Khan he lost the task despite having almost all the house supporting him.Let us know who do you support? Dont forget to share it with your friends and spread the word.



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