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So Vikas Gupta Can Name Call Hina Khan But She Cant Joke ?

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So Hina Kahn has no right to giver her opinion in a show like Bigg Boss 11?  Well at least according to Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma. She makes a genuinely funny remark on Vikas Gupta’s formal attire that “Does he have an interview to attend?”  Who dresses in black formals in Bigg Boss 11? That is just ridiculous. You certainly do not expect it from Vikas Gupta who is very clever. Did he want the contestants to react?


Is Vikas Gupta Losing Respect In Bigg Boss 11?


All Bigg Boss 11 contestants were sitting outside and they started joking on it but Vikas Gupta can hear, see and think about only one person, Hina Khan. He went inside the bathroom and needlessly started crying.


Punish Sharma, his brother in the show was shocked to see his drama and told Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan that he is doing it for footage. Remember Vikas Gupta is also nominated this week and his game of evicting Hiten tejwani was exposed brutally by Hina Khan yesterday.


Hina Khan has exposed The Mastermind Vikas Gupta Game In Bigg Boss 11



The problem with Vikas Gupta’s position is that if he is sensitive, he needs to show at least a small percentage of it to other contestants, especially Hina Khan in Bigg Boss 11.  If he cant handle jokes then he should care about other contestants feelings as well. We have seen him call Hina Khan vamp, chalu and yesterday even pounce on her.


On the other hand, we have seen Hina Khan during an earlier task tell Priyank Sharma that she no longer wants to say anything against Vikas ever since she met his mother. He has been losing respect in Bigg Boss 11, and Hina Khan is unmasking his game with each episode.




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