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Hina Khan Becomes The Captain But Did Her Friends Betray Her ?

hina khan bigg boss 11


Hina Khan has finally become the captain in Bigg Boss 11 after a long wait. This is the second time she will be captain of Bigg Boss 11. Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi were four contestants in this task after they had won the Bigg Boss poultry farm task.


With Friend Like These Who Needs Enemies ?


Bigg Boss gave a new captaincy task to test their endurance and desire to become the captain of the house. All four contestants were asked to stand on a raised structure while other housemates were asked to support their favourite contestant. Despite repeated attempts from Poonish Sharma, Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan no captaincy contenders were ready to leave the task.

hina khan bigg boss 11

At this point, Bigg Boss gave a stern warning that they have just two hours to agree else they will be without a captain for the coming week. Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Luv Tyagi all wanted to become captain and Priyank Sharma was OK with Shilpa Shinde as captain. Things start becoming a little complex from here.


Hina Khan Becomes Captain Again In Bigg Boss 11


Luv Tyagi is emerging to be the real player in Bigg Boss 11. Vikas Gupta asked contestants to take one other name who they see as captain apart from themselves. Priyank Sharma said Shilpa Shinde and she reciprocated the favour. Hina Khan also took Shilpa Shinde’s name. Luv Tyagi did not want to step down and took Priyank Sharma’s name.

hina khan

Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and Poonish Sharma were quick to point out Luv Tyagi is after all not such a big Tyagi in Bigg Boss 11 and Hina Khan said that she is ready to take Priyank Sharma’s name because she doesn’t want the task to get cancelled.


A sneaky little conversation takes place between Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi which shifts their vote in favour of Hina Khan. No they did not have any change of heart. They just were not comfortable making Shilpa Shinde the captain. Their biggest worry with her is Poonish Sharma whom she will save. They spoke in hush whispers but enough for the Bigg Boss 11 cameras to pick up.


What actually happened Before Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma Changed Their Vote In Bigg Boss 11?


Main bataaon dikkat kya hai ?(Shall I tell you whats the problem?) Priyank Sharma ( P.S)

Shilpa Ji Poonish ko hi safe kargi phir se (Shilpa Shinde will save Poonish again)(P.S)

Bas yehi dikkat hai (Thats the only problem) (P.S)

Game jis Point pe aachuki hai, koi faayada nahi Mhaan banke Luv Tyagi (L.T)

Mahaan to ban jaayenge par apna kat jaayega (L.T)

Bas yahi baat hai (Thats right, that’s the only problem) (LT)

Game is pointpe aachuka hai (Bigg boss 11 is at such a point)(LT)

mahaan tubhool jao (Forget greatness) (LT)

mahaan banneki koi zaroorat nahin hai(We dont have to look great) (LT)

sab chodo hina ka naam lete hain (Chuck everything and vote for Hina Khan) (LT)

Priyank (shrugs in agreement)


Who is Thankless Hina Khan or Luv Tyagi?


Hina Khan was naturally shocked by the sudden turn of events and felt that her friends have had a change of heart. She tried to inquire with Luv Tyagi about what happened on the podium who blames her for being thankless. Priyank Sharma tells him she is a little slow, which is laughable.


In Bigg Boss 11 we have always seen Hina Khan stand up as a fearless friend for both Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi who in recent times are showing that they were probably never her true friends to begin with. This vote was not for Hina Khan but themselves.


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