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Bigg Boss 11 : Hina Khan Is Grilled On Captaincy But Vikas Gupta Gets A free Pass For Violence

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Hina Khan is the favorite topic of Weekendkavaar but Vikas Gupta had done so much drama this week we thought he would at least be questioned. It looks like channel not only ignored his actions but rewarded him for this past week by making him safe which fans think is fake.


Violence, Nominations, No Problem As Long As Vikas Gupta Does It?


Lets pause and recollect what Vikas Gupta did this week. Pounced on Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde, Responsible for nominations plotting, Got Physical with Akaash Dadlaani. What did Salman Khan ask him about? None. Vikas Gupta gets a free pass for everything in Bigg Boss 11. Just replace the name Vikas Gupta with Hina Khan and imagine the grilling.


Actually we saw that in today’s episode and it was on captaincy issue. Salman Khan asked Hina Khan what did she really want from the captaincy task? It is ridiculous that Vikas Gupta getting violent with  Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde is part of his game which host and channel justify but such strategies don’t exist for Hina Khan.


Hina Khan looked annoyed and could not believe that Salman khan was overlooking Vikas Gupta despite his actions this week. What do you think  is the reason behind all this? Let us know.


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