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Bigg Boss 11 : Live Voting A Gimmick To Save Vikas Gupta ?

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Bigg Boss 11 had another twist this week the “Live voting” which got fans excited. Arshi Khan got evicted this week in a shock eviction, and she got the power to save two contestants. Before you think its a little unfair, wait for what happened next. She naturally chose Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma but Salman Khan said only one amongst them would be safe through live voting.


Priyank Sharma spoke and reached 67% vote and when Vikas Gupta started speaking, he reached 66% within a second and then was stuck there forever. He finished on 71 %. The fans are not too impressed with the efforts to save Vikas Gupta.


Live Voting In Bigg Boss 11 Real or Fake To Save Vikas Gupta?


Vikas Gupta was declared the winner after live voting task which fans think is yet another gimmick to save channels two favourite contestants. This voting task has not gone down well with fans of other contestants and it looks fake watching it real time.


Bigg Boss 11 has shown a tendency to be biased towards Vikas Gupta but despite his plotting, he came into nominations this week. Fans think it is unfair to not give all contestants an equal opportunity. Shilpa Shinde fans, in particular, feel really upset about this task. Some go on to say that it’s Priyank Sharma who has got more votes than Vikas Gupta if one is to take the actual voting trends into the picture.


Did Vikas Gupta Play The Victim card Even in His Speech?


Both contestants were shown their journey videos and given a chance to speak. Priyank Sharma thanked his friends and apologised for his mistakes. He was apologetic to the ladies in particular for his comments and also said that he was in a depression at one point in Bigg Boss 11.


Vikas Gupta said that his Bigg Boss 11 journey in the first three weeks was spicy because of Shilpa Shinde and they always have constant fights. he starngely thanked her for it. Victim card ? He said he never knew life in front of cameras and he is learning how to play the Bigg Boss 11 game.


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