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Why Does Bigg Boss Become Gandhaari Each Time Vikas Gupta Attacks?

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Bigg Boss has one eye, but when Vikas Gupta gets physical, he prefers to close even that eye and turns into Gandhaari (Remember Mahabharat) or atleast thats the appearance he gives. The rule in Bigg Boss is not to get physical with co-contestants (no Hinsa).


Vikas Gupta and Akaash Dadlani went to jail yesterday, and they were involved in a huge fight as Akash Dadlani tried his best to instigate Vikas Gupta. He was already angry after losing the task to Hina Khan and coming to jail. He was clearly pissed at Akaash Dadlani’s comments.


Initially, Vikas Gupta tried to keep himself calm about the entire situation, but after a point, he started throwing himself on Akash Dadlani to kiss him. He got uncomfortably close to his mouth and there was hardly any difference between the two.


Akash Dadlani tried to push him as he kept getting close and the moment he pushed him Vikas Gupta there Akash Dadlani in a violent push. If this isn’t violence then nothing is violence because Akash Dadlani was in mid-air when he pushed him.


Vikas Gupta This Week Also Attacked Hina Khan


Bigg Boss did not remove Vikas Gupta or Akash Dadlani from the show for violence. He was so weak in his attempt after the incident it appeared as if a parent is correcting his three-year-old child. Is Bigg Boss or the channel scared of producer Vikas Guptar?


In this week alone there have been two incidents when Vikas Gupta got physical with Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde and now brutally attacked Akkash dadlaani but he has a free pass to do anything. Vikas Gupta the producer can do no wrong for Colors.

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