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Bigg Boss Praises Hina Khan But Vikas Gupta Still Criticises

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Vikas Gupta is having a difficult time to deal with Hina Khan in Bigg Boss 11. In nomination special, all contestants were asked to distract the unsafe contestants who go into the dome. Hina Khan, as usual, performed the task exceptionally well and got rich praise from Bigg Boss for it.


Vikas Gupta also got praise for his performance, but he had problems with Hina Khan’s performance. He feels Hina Khan distracted contestants in the task. Duh! That was the task, and that’s why Bigg Boss praised her.

Vikas Gupta Cant See Hina Khan Winning In Bigg Boss 11


Hina Khan was constantly out there when every contestant went inside the dome. She gave her 100%  when the first contestant Poonish Sharma stepped inside the dome till the time Shilpa Shinde went inside. Other contestants only came according to group loyalties and not according to the task rules.


Even when distracting the contestants she gave everyone the warning “not to trust her” though to be fair if Luv Tyagi had listened to her he would have been safe from nominations.When Akaash Dadlani was seated in the dome, Priyank Sharma told him to follow Hina Khan because he said that she never lies. It was Priyank Sharma’s effort of making peace with Hina Khan we feel.


The task has resulted in two most unexpected nominations in Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma. Luv Tyagi feels his time is up this week. He told Hina Khan that once she told him that you would be safe until the 13th week.  She was also taken aback by that statement but it is going to be a dramatic week for two friends.

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