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Entertainment Ki Raat : Spoof On Shilpa Shinde Hina Khan But Nothing On Vikas Gupta

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Entertainment Ki Raat Met Bigg Boss 11 to revive its TRP. Let’s get straight to the point. This was a Bigg Boss theme episode of Entertainment Ki Raat and former Bigg Boss contestants were invited. An interesting concept. Hiten Tejwani, Bandagi Kalra and Vindoo Dara Singh, former Bigg Boss winner also made an appearance.

entertainment ki raat
Spoof On Shilpa Shinde

There was a spoof on Bigg Boss 11 mailnly targetting Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan in Entertainment Ki Raat.  These two are the popular contestants of the show so its not surprising that they base their spoof on them but Vikas Gupta’ character was missing.

entertainment ki raat
Spoof on Hina Khan

Shilpa Shinde was targetted for her cooking, dressing and her game play while Hina Khan fight over “chalu” was made fun of.  There were times when the comedians were overstepping the mark but why not put Vikas Gupta’s character in the spoof?


Raju Shrivastav Makes Disgusting Comments On Shilpa Shinde In Entertainment Ki Raat

This was another sexist comedy show put up by the team of Entertainment Ki Raat. Comedian Raju Shrivastav made some disgusting remarks on Shilpa Shinde charachter saying that he will introduce her to Shakti Kapoor implying then will will become pregnant.


There was a freeze task played to replicate the one that just happened in Bigg Boss 11. Hiten Tejwani went in and lashed out at Arshi Khan’s character calling her silly and said that he believes he is the SRK so how can he fall for her?

entertainment ki raat
Hiten Tejwani on Entertainment Ki Raat

Bandagi Kalra made fun of Hina Khan telling her that while she always makes fun of Poonish Sharma average  looks but her boyfriend  Rocky Jaiswal is worse. You can watch Entertainment Ki Raat on weekends after Bigg Boss.



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