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Shilpa Shinde Wins Kitchen Task But Hina Khan Wins Best Entertainer

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Bigg Boss turned into MasterChef and it was good fun to watch Hina Khan running around the Bigg Boss house trying to prepare a dish for her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal who is a smart cookie. More on him later. Shilpa Shinde had a huge advantage in today’s task in preparing food, but Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi tried their best.


After tasting the dishes, Bigg Boss 11 contestants relatives made Shilpa Shinde the winner by a narrow margin. She became the kitchen queen and then Bigg Boss gave them one more task to entertain guests and speak some thing nasty about co-contestants.


Shilpa Shinde Wins Kitchen Champion and Hina Khan Entertainment Queen in Bigg Boss 11


Hina Khan was declared winner unanimously, and she won one more task. Task Queen? Entertainment Queen? The task had a fair share of controversy. Priyank Sharma who is nominated this week has become every sensitive on anything other contestants are saying.


For instance, Shilpa Shinde once again brought up Hina Khan’s crying when her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal last visited, which was unnecessary. Hina Khan did not say a word for it and took it sportingly. Priyank Sharma, on the other hand, got upset over a joke made over his dancing routine.

Did Priyank Sharma Overreact ?


He felt his mother will feel terrible watching this and think low of his dancing.This is possible but if that’s the case then he should have remained quiet because other relatives of other housemates have also come to the show and when his turn came he didn’t back down.


Earlier today Bigg Boss opened his doors for relatives of all Bigg Boss 11 contestants. They are staying in padosi ghar and can watch the contestants 24×7. They are now actively participating in tasks and it is becoming tricky for some of them especially Akash Dadlani mother.





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