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Vishaal Dadlaani Gets Trolled After Akaash Dadlani Mom Reveals Truth In Bigg Boss 11

akash dadlani mother

Akash Dadlani mother broke down while speaking about his son in Bigg Boss 11. Last time we saw her she was happy but this time when she began speaking on Vishal Dadlani topic she could not control her tears. You cant help but feel her pain in this video. She said Vishal Dadlani is her blood relative but she is disappointed with his lack of help when Akash Dadlani wanted to join music industry.



Akash Dadlani has spoken about Vishal dadlani’s post on social media in which he specifically clarifies that Akash is his distant relative and nothing more. She says those comments have hurt her a lot and while relatives deserted them strangers have helped her son. This story has made us emotional.


Bigg Boss 11 viewers did not take this comment lightly and they made their opinions known to Vishal Dadlani. Most of them were unhappy that he did not even acknowledge his relationship or support when Akash Dadlani entered the show. Some were upset with his cold attitude towards family.


Bigg Boss has opened the doors for relatives to stay in Bigg Boss house in a new twist taht is sure to make the last end of Bigg Boss 11 exciting. Akash Dadlani mother can now see her son on Tv in Bigg Boss house and even judge on tasks.

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