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Man Behind Bigg Boss Voice Atul Kapoor Celebrates His Birthday

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For Bigg Boss viewers the voice of Bigg Boss is synonymous with the show. The man behind the heavy voice Atul Kapoor celebrates his birthday today and coincidentally it falls a day after Bhaijaan Salman Khan’s birthday.

Atul Kapoor has been giving voice over to Bigg Boss since the show was launched in India in 2006. Apart from this series he works as a professional dubbing artist giving Hindi voice over for many Hollywood films like the Iron Man Series and Captain America: Civil War.

Here are some pictures posted on social media of Bigg Boss voice over Atul Kapoor celebrating his birthday with the crew of the show.

In Bigg Boss 11 we have seen several funny moments where Bigg Boss himself is interacting with Hina Khan. We wish him a very Happy Birthday and hope he continues to entertain us for many more years in similar fashion.

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